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Experiencing conflict is inevitable. How you manage conflict is optional.

Experiencing conflict is inevitable,

how you manage conflict is optional.


Collis Mediation Ltd is one of the country's leading mediation service providers, conducting 400+ mediations annually. We provide an alternative dispute resolution process to litigation, for Local Government, Civil and Commercial matters; and we are one of only only a few mediation providers in the country who are approved by the Civil Mediation Council to provide mediation for cases referred through The Ministry of Justice.


Collis Mediation Ltd provides a process to effectively, efficiently and empathetically manage all manner of conflict regardless of complexity, value or emotional depth, by working with some of the most experienced mediation professionals in the country..


Mediation is a process which forms part of the Practice Direction- Pre-Action Conduct and The Civil Procedure Rules and it is not only actively encouraged by the court system right through to the highest court in the land, but it is now a 'Direction' and 'Rule' that mediation is explored before a claim is filed.


These are the words of the President of the highest court in the land, The Supreme Court, UK:-


"Mediation is better able to achieve a just or fair outcome for the parties, provided that both have the will to settle their differences.


Fairer not because the outcome necessarily reflects the substantive legal merits of the underlying dispute but rather because the parties have both participated in a consensual process and reached a mutually agreeable resolution."


Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of the Supreme Court, UK.


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Thank you so much indeed for all your wonderful leadership, training, skills, support, help, guidance, time, contributions, and humour at Kings College this week.  It was tremendous to see and work with you, to enjoy your company, and to see the learning that was achieved with your input.


Mediation- Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Collis Mediation Ltd is one of the country's leading SEND mediation providers, working with Local Authority Education, Social Care and Health depts., Childrens Services, Families, Parents, Carer's and Young People.


We are independent and impartial, offering a wealth of support through a strategic, well developed approach and assisting participants in achieving the right outcomes for children and young people.


Our SEND Mediation Services are unrivalled in experience, competence and professionalism; we are one of the few mediation providers approved and listed on the Civil Mediation Council SEND mediator register and we offer an expert level of support to the parties of SEND Mediation.


Mediation- Public Sector:


Collis Mediation Ltd delivers an independent mediation service for Local Authority and Healthcare, to ensure a confidential, transparent and compliant service is provided.


We have extensive experience of special education needs, neighbour/ tenant/ landlord disputes, personal injury and clinical negligence matters, insurance claims and workplace mediation.


Our public sector mediation service is headed by one of the most experienced and sought after mediators in the country, with an unrivalled experience in this field. 


Mediation- Commercial:


Our commercial mediators are known for their high calibre of mediation and business experience. They hold senior positions within their work environment; and have acquired the skills and expertise in their chosen field to offer the very best in commercial mediation.


Collis Mediation Ltd is an expert in commercial mediation and has a robust, professional approach that keeps parties focussed on mitigating damage and reaching settlement.


Mediation- Civil:


Our civil mediation service helps you resolve conflict and reach agreement on such matters as workplace disputes, debt, personal injury, divorce, child custody and visitation, allocation of estate including property, finances and neighbour disputes.


Our civil mediators are highly skilled and experienced within civil disputes and work closely with all parties and their legal representatives to explore and bring about workable solutions.


Learn more about our Mediation services here.


Mediation- Charitable Work:


Collis Mediation Ltd is proud to work closely with the charity Society of Mediators, bringing mediation to those who may not otherwise use it; and preventing the damage long standing disputes cause.


Managing Director, Dominic Collis, is Professional Member, Trustee and Co-Director of training for the Society of Mediators.


We are always happy to discuss working with charitable organisations and if you wish to enquire about this service, please contact us on the details provided on our Contact page.



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