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Collis Mediation Ltd win Calderdale and Sheffield Contracts in the same month!

The team at Collis Mediation Ltd have done it again.


We are so proud to announce new two year contracts with our colleagues at both Calderdale and Sheffield Councils and we look forward to continuing our positive work with them.


We work along side the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teams towards clarifying, narrowing down and resolving disagreements regarding the removal of learning barriers some SEND students may encounter; and identifying the support needed to achieve that.


It is comforting to know we are all working towards achieving the right outcomes for the children, young people and families of these districts.

Collis Mediation Ltd supports local Fundraiser

Collis Mediation Ltd won't be sending Christmas Cards again this year!! No we are not Grumpy! We are happily spending the money on supporting local fundraising hero Kelly Williams.


Kelly is raising money for a friend called Sol who has Lyme disease,


Sol possibly contracted the disease from a tick bite 5 years ago in the UK. The fundraising campaign is called Spreadalittlesunshine to promote spreading kindness as opposed to just about money.


So far Kelly has raised over £20,000 by running 26 marathons in 26 days, completed a 3 Peaks Challenge, a Postie Calendar and even auctioning herself for a 'Date Night'. The target is £60,000 for stem cell treatment so if, like us, you feel like spreading a little sunshine, please donate at the campaign website link above.


Thank you

Collis Mediation Ltd wins a new Local Authority Mediation Contract

Collis Mediation has succesfully completed the tender process with Wakefield City Council and are happy to announce we have been awarded exclusivity to deliver their mediation and disagreement resolution provision for the next 3 years.


We already work with several other local authority partners delivering a similar provision and this contract strengthens our position in the sector; and allows us to invest and expand to ensure we maintain our excellent service.


Collis Mediation remain one of the leading mediations providers in the country, delivering 200+ mediations annually and is looking forward to working with the team at Wakefiled.


A huge thank you to the Collis Mediation team for the work you put into this.

Longest Day Golf Challenge

Well we have done it again!! Collis Mediation Ltd Managing Director Dominic Collis teamed up with local golfer's Steve Bate and Mark Wild to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.


We undertook the arduous task of 'The Longest Day Golf Challenge' on 21st June. We completed 4 rounds of golf in one day, walking 24 miles (35,000+ steps), playing for 15 hours and smashing through our fund raising target of £1,500 to raise over £3,000.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made donations and pledges; and a massive thank you to Mark Wild and Steve Bate for their support in the challenge.


Well done!!

Collis Mediation Ltd wins National Contract for Mediation Services

Collis Mediation is delighted to announce we have been successful in the tender of Mediation Services for the national contract for Big Local.


Big Local are an organisation which funds community led priojects through 150+ localities in UK, spending around £200 million.


We will be working closely with Big Local to resolve disputes that arise during the great work the communities do and helping the projects run more smoothly in the process.


We are overjoyed to have created another partnership with a fantastic and worthwhile organsiation that makes a positive difference in communities near you.

Collis Mediation Ltd delivers 150 Mediations in 10 months

Collis Mediation delivered over 150 mediations in 10 months from April 2016 to January 2017, making us one of the leading mediation providers in the country.


Our clients include civil, commercial and government bodies; and we have had 100% positive feedback throughout this period. Have a look at some of our achievements here


Our team are working on improving our service; and offering even more for 2017/18, with some exciting projects on the horizon. We have branched out into training, tutoring and assessing, whilst also training 3 new mediators as well.


We are looking to revamp the website in 2017 including articles and a new blog page. We are delivering specialist training for schools and strengthening our work with the charity Society of Mediators.


A big 'well done' to the team and our partners.

Collis Mediation Ltd delivers Mediation Training in 2017

Collis Mediation Ltd has collaborated with Society of Mediators to deliver an enhanced package of mediation training and CPD in 2017.


Dominic Collis is now Co-Director of training for the charity and will lead, with Jonathan Dingle, the promotion of 2017 training prospectus. Dominic is already a tutor and assessor for students of mediation and this is a welcome addition to that position.


Please read all about our training here and download the 2017 Society of Mediators training prospectus at the bottom of that page.

Dominic Collis becomes a Trustee of the Society of Mediators

Society of Mediators

Collis Mediation Ltd is proud to announce Dominic Collis has accepted an invitation to become a Trustee for the charity Society of Mediators.


Already a Professional Member of the charity, Dominic is passionate about making mediation available for everyone and promoting the use of mediation to prevent the harm conflict and disagreement can do.


The Society of Mediators has a board of trustees with extensive mediation experience.


Dominic will be involved in the "Free Mediation Project" giving access to mediation for people who would otherwise not use it.

Dominic and Mark Collis become Student Assessors for 218 Strand mediation training providers

Collis Mediation Ltd is proud to announce Dominic and Mark Collis have successfully trained to become Student Assessors with 218 Strand, leading mediation training providers.


Collis Mediation Ltd has a great working relationship with the team at 218 Strand and this only goes to strengthen this collaborative approach to developing mediation in the UK.


We all look forward to working with Jonathan and his team; and some exciting developements in the coming months.

NHS penalised for 'refusing' to mediate Costs Dispute 

Master O'Hare sitting in the Senior Courts Costs Office has penalised the NHS for unreasonably refusing an offer to mediate costs litigation. He ordered them to pay indemnity costs on the detailed assessment costs from the date when they received the offer to mediate.


The costs dispute was heading for a two day detailed assessment hearing. By the start of the second day the costs to be allowed had been agreed and the court was asked to rule upon the Claimant’s entitlement to the costs of the assessment.


About three months before the detailed assessment the claimant offered to mediate the costs litigation. It took the defendant 6 weeks to respond and the response was a refusal to mediate. Master O'Hare commented:


"If the party unwilling to mediate is the losing party, the normal sanction is an order to pay the winner’s costs on the indemnity basis, and that means that they will have to pay their opponent’s costs even if those costs are not proportionate to what was at stake. This penalty is imposed because a court wants to show its disapproval of their conduct. I do disapprove of this defendant’s conduct but only as from the date they are likely to have received the July offer to mediate".


The case is Reid v Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Collis Mediation Ltd secures 3 year exclusivity contract to provide mediation services for Calderdale Council

Collis Mediation Ltd has secured its third SEN contract with Calderdale Council, in a 3 year exclusivity deal.


"We have worked very hard on this contract, working with the local authority to ensure the needs of the parents, carer's and young people with Special Educational Needs are taken care of" said the Operations Director today. "Collis Mediation Ltd now has one of the most experienced SEN panels in the country, making us the 'go to' mediation provider for SEN mediations" he added.


Our MD said "Special Educational Needs is close to our hearts at Collis Mediation. We work with a lot of Yorkshire based councils to ensure the service is there for the most vulnerable in our area." He added "Collis Mediation enjoys working with the people and business's in Yorkshire but we are having more enquiries than every from the public, business's and local authorities from all over the UK".


Well done team.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme for Consumers and Business' as an Alternative to Court

The government has announced plans to introduce an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme to aid consumers in resolving complaints without going to court, to meet its obligations as an EU partner.


The scheme is due to be implemented in summer 2015 and will be the start of a process of ensuring ADR is available for all contractual disputes between a consumer and a business.


The scheme is expected to form a back up to the business' complaints procedure and will be used when the complaints procedure fails to resolve the dispute.


ADR providers must meet certain quality standards and it is intended to serve as the UK's implementation of the European Directive on ADR, which aims to bolster the access of consumers to redress outside of court when purchased products or services are unsatisfactory.


Currently, ADR is only available through some trade associations and the Financial Ombudsman Service which does not always allow the consumer the option of settling disputes with companies without having to go to court. The government's new plans would mean that ADR would instead become available for any situation in which a consumer has a contractual dispute with a business. This dovetails in with the obligations of parties under Practise Direction- Pre Action Conduct and the Civil Procedure Rules regarding ADR prior to and during a court claim.


In relation to these new proposals to create an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme for consumers, Consumer minister Jenny Willott said:-


‘Consumers need to be confident that when a purchase goes wrong, the problem will be resolved quickly and easily without having to take it to court. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a faster, cheaper and more straightforward means of putting it right'. 

Mr Justice Norris Echoes the Words of Sir Alan Ward

Many will be aware of the judement made by Mr Justice Norris in a boundary dispute in October 2014. In particular see paragraphs 21-25.


In paragraph 22, Mr Justice Norrise echoes the words of Sir Alan Ward in Oliver v Symons (2012) EWCA Civ 267:-


"This entrenchment of positions is a regrettable characteristic of neighbour disputes. I add my voice to that of many other judges who urge that, even when proceedings have been issued to preserve the position, the engagement of a trained mediator is more likely to lead to an outcome satisfactory to both parties (in terms of speed, cost, resolution and future relationships) than the pursuit of litigation to trial. In Oliver v Symons [2012] EWCA Civ 267 (a disputed easement case) Ward LJ said at [53]:-


"I wish particularly to associate myself with Elias LJ's pointing out that this is a case crying out for mediation. All disputes between neighbours arouse deep passions and entrenched positions are taken as the parties stand upon their rights seemingly blissfully unaware or unconcerned that they are committing themselves to unremitting litigation which will leave them bruised by the experience and very much the poorer, win or lose. It depresses me that solicitors cannot at the very first interview persuade their clients to put their faith in the hands of an experienced mediator, a dispassionate third party, to guide them to a fair and sensible compromise of an unseemly battle which will otherwise blight their lives for months and months to come."


"I think it is no longer enough to leave parties the opportunity to mediate and to warn of costs consequences if the opportunity is not taken."


You can read the full judgement here.

Collis Mediation Ltd secures Exclusivity Contract for Sheffield Council Education Dept

Collis Mediation Ltd are proud to announce we have secured yet another Local Authority SEN Mediation contract in relation to the EHC Plans.


Collis Mediation Ltd already works with the Bradford Council Education Dept and Bradford NHS Trust regarding mediation services for Special Educational Needs (SEN) EHC Plans, where there is a disagreement regarding 'educational or Health' requirements. We have strengthened our position in this area and have secured total exclusivity for Sheffield Council Education Dept for the same.


The Children and Families Act has reformed the way disagreements are managed and before a First Tier complaint can be made to the Tribunal service, mediation must be explored.


Another great achievement for the team- Well Done!!

Collis Mediation Ltd secures Bradford District NHS Trust SEN Mediation Services

Collis Mediation Ltd are proud to announce we have secured the SEN Mediation services for the Bradford District NHS Trust in relation to the EHC Plans.


Collis Mediation Ltd already works with the Bradford Education Dept regarding mediation services for Special Educational Needs (SEN) EHC Plans, where there is a disagreement regarding 'educational' requirements. We have now agreed terms to provide SEN Mediation services to the NHS Trusts regarding disagreements over 'health' aspects of the EHC Plans.


The Children and Families Act has reformed the way disagreements are managed and before a First Tier complaint can be made to the Tribunal service, mediation must be explored.


Well done team for the dedication and hard work you have put in to make Collis Mediation Ltd the SEN Mediation specialist to turn to. 

Press Release from Jeffrey Green Russell Solicitors London

JGR have acted as mediation advocates in a multi-party, multi-million pound international mediation hosted at their London office, with some parties engaging by video link from overseas.


Nigel Frost, the JGR director heading up the JGR team said "This is likely to be one of the highest value, complex, cross-border multi-currency mediations in London this year. Not only do we have the necessary office facilities and state of the art technical equipment to host such a mediation, but our clients also benefit from our outstanding back-up teams of corporate lawyers, support staff and mediation providers, Clerksroom.


We have all facilitated a remarkable settlement avoiding an eye-wateringly expensive trial, where there would have been no winners. The international business community may well want to consider carefully the commercial power of mediation".


Nigel Frost features on the Collis Mediation Ltd panel of mediators and specialises in high profile, high value and complex cases working through Jeffrey Green Russell.

Collis Mediation Ltd secures new contract to provide Mediation Services to Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Collis Mediation Ltd have secured the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) mediation and disagreement resolution contract for Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BMDC). Our service will extend to education and healthcare.


The Children and Families Act provides for such a service to be available for children and families who may require special educational requirements. The service will be there to provide a full mediation service if there is disagreement surrounding the exact educational needs of persons in, or about to be in, education from 0-25yrs old.


For a family to progress a disagreement to Tribunal, they must first contact a mediation provider, approved by the local authority, and consider mediation. They can then agree to mediate or obtain a certificate identifying that they wish not to mediate. The certificate is a prerequisite before approaching the First Tier of the Tribunal Service.


This is a fantastic opportunity for Collis Mediation Ltd and we are proud to be working with Bradford Metropolitan District Council on their SEND services.

Overview of the Civil Mediation Council Annual Conference

Joe Mulrooney LLB

Many thanks to Joe Mulrooney for producing a great overview of the recent CMC annual conference.


Joe refers to Lord Faulks who reaffirmed the Ministry of Justice's commitment to increasing the profile of Mediation and its place in our court system.


Joe also covers the statistics from the recent CMC/ CEDR survey and the values spent on mediation in recent times.


Please click on the link below to review Joe's full blog.


Well done Joe.

CMC Overview by Joe Mulrooney
CMC blog Joe Mulrooney.docx
Microsoft Word document [14.6 KB]

Collis Mediation Ltd launches iMediation platform

Collis Mediation Ltd has been busy! We have been researching the low value non-complex disputes; and how we can offer a cost effective service to meet the needs of people involved in conflict where a court or face-to-face meeting is not commercially viable.


Typically a dispute of less than £15'000 can be dwarfed by legal costs. Even a face-to-face mediation can be a disproportionate and impractical way to settle lower value claims. With our partners, Collis Mediation Ltd are launching our iMediation platform.


iMediation is a service where a solution is formulated online. iMediation is for disputes where a face-to-face meeting may be impractical, perhaps where parties live/ work far apart or where it is not commercially viable to congregate in person, relative to the dispute value.


iMediation offers a robust, convenient, practical and considerably cheaper option than court and will appeal to today's online generation and business environment, to whom the internet is second nature.


Statistic:- 60 million disputes are resolved online annually by eBay alone.


Please learn more about iMediation here.

Employers losing Employment Tribunals could face Fines

From 6th April 2014 an employer who loses an Employment Tribunal could be forced to pay a fine to the Secretary of State under section 12A of the Employment Tribunals Act 1996.


Tribunals will have this option where they determine the employer breached the worker's rights involved in the claim; and there are one or more 'aggravating features'.


What better time than now to embrace Workplace and Employment Mediation?


Read more here

Civil Mediation Council National Conference

The Civil Mediation Council is holding its National Conference on 22nd May 2014 at The Met Hotel, King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HQ.


This year the conference centres on Mediation and Government- Mediation and the Law with keynotes from Lord Faulks and Justice Briggs.


To book your place please contact and have a look at the flyer below.

Civil Mediation Conference Flyer
Information and Contact details to book your place
CMC Brochure Flyer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]

Government plans ADR scheme for Consumer Rights

The government has today proposed creating an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme to help consumers resolve complaints without going to court.


Under consultation proposals for the EU Directive on Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution due to come into force next year, the ADR plans are intended to give consumers greater access to redress if something goes wrong with their purchase of goods without going to court.

Collis Mediation Ltd is Approved to Provide Mediation for the MoJ

Collis Mediation Ltd is proud to announce we have successfully been approved to supply mediation services for cases referred to mediation by the Ministry of Justice.


The whole team has worked hard to make sure Collis Mediation Ltd meets the high standards approval by the Ministry of Justice requires. We have ensured we recruit the very best mediators to work with our clients; and ensured we have a comprehensive Continuous Personal Development strategy moving forward into the future.


We are now perfectly positioned to provide our mediation services for all civil and commercial clients and look forward to working with them to efficiently and quickly resolve their future disputes.


A very big thank you to the whole team for their continued efforts with Collis Mediation Ltd.

Bedroom Tax pushes 66% of Social Housing Tenants into Arrears

Two-thirds of households which have been hit by the "bedroom tax" are in debt after falling behind on rent payments, according to the National Housing Federation.


A survey of 183 housing associations carried out by the Federation revealed that 66% of residents who have been affected by the government's bedroom tax are in rent arrears, while 38% admitted they are in debt as they are unable to pay the bedroom tax.


Should responsible Landlord's be considering mediation services now?

Re-booting the Mediation Directive

This compelling clip outlines a novel and innovative way to get improved mediation activity.


Could this be the real mediation 'tipping point'?

Exploring Mediation in Small Business

David Cliff assesses the use of Mediation in Small Business and makes some superb observations regarding the use of Mediation in the UK v the rest of the world!

New Law aims to Keep Separating Couples Away from Court

Why is the first week in January called "National Divorce Week"?


Web Searches for 'divorce' on GOV.UK are 55 per cent higher in early January than in early December (456 searches in first week of January compared to 294 in first week of December).


The government is introducing major changes designed to ensure that in future separating parents and couples will first consider using mediation to resolve the issues around divorce and separation - like splitting property or agreeing child contact times – rather than fighting over it in court.

Defamation Act Targets the Wasting of Courts Time

Justice Minister Shailesh Vara

The Defamation Act 2013 introduces a new "serious harm threshold" designed to help people understand when claims should be brought and discourage the wasting of court time.


Trivial cases will still need to be resolved. Will ADR be the answer?

Lord Justice Jackson Reforms

Collis Mediation Ltd view on the Post Jackson reforms


From April 2013, the Government has started to reform civil litigation funding and costs in England and Wales, which is predicted to a give a significant rise in the appeal and popularity of the process of mediation.


Lord Justice Jackson, a highly experienced member of the Court of Appeal, was asked by the current Government to come up with recommendations to reform the way litigation is funded and how costs could be controlled. The resulting 584 page report identified important weaknesses in the existing structures and systems for litigation; believed to give rise to disproportionate and often unnecessary costs.


The majority of the Jackson reforms to English Civil Litigation were started to be implemented in April 2013. This will have a huge impact on how future litigation is conducted.


Lord Justice Jackson made specific reference to mediation and joint settlement meetings as being a "highly effective means of achieving satisfactory resolution". But it was clear that smaller businesses and the general public did not appreciate the benefits of mediation.


Lord Justice Jackson noted mediation has a "significantly greater role to play in the civil justice system than is currently recognized", summarized in his belief that "mediation has a vital role to play in reducing the costs of civil disputes. It is underused and its potential benefits are not as widely known as they should be". Indeed Lord Justice Jackson called for a "serious campaign" to teach lawyers and judges the benefits of mediation to settle disputes.

Beware your Refusal to Mediate

This is a terrific article about the implications of a refusal to mediate being deemed unreasonable by the judge. A move closer to obligatory mediation before legal proceedings?

Mo'vemebr target exceeded by 46%!!

Collis Mediation Ltd employees have managed to raise £366.25 for Cancer Support Bradford and Airedale, after setting a target of £250.


The MD shaved his head and grew a biker style tash, which helped push the total raised to a fantastic amount.


Many thanks for all your help team.


Collis Mediation Ltd become YMS Panel Members

Collis Mediation Ltd is proud to announce Mark Collis is now providing voluntary mediation for Yorkshire Mediation Services.


Yorkshire Mediation Services are a charity working to resolve neighbour disputes, workplace disputes and to provide training in conflict resolution.


Many thanks to the team for making this happen and well done.

More of Our Mediators become Members of The Civil Mediation Council

Mark Collis MCIPS FCMI

Civil and Commercial Mediators Mark Collis MCIPS FCMI and Dominic Collis FCMI are the latest mediators at Collis Mediation Ltd to become fully fledged members of the The Civil Mediation Council.


Mark is an outstanding mediator who's specialism is Workplace disputes; and we are happy to have Mark as one of our leading mediators; and one of the founder members of Collis Mediation Ltd.


Dominic is the Managing Director of Collis Mediation Ltd and is a lead mediator for Commercial disputes, with a specialism in Construction and Insurance Repair related disputes, with over 20 years experience in the industry.


Well Done Guys.

Business Dispute leads to Murder

This is a truly sad and shocking story of an extreme result of a business dispute, with cultural implications.


Very sad.

Business Dispute leads to Murder 131113.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [654.9 KB]

Company MD embraces Mo'vember

Collis Mediation Ltd managing director embraced Mo'vember by growing a 'surprising' beard in aid of Cancer Support.


Sporting a shaved head, biker style beard and supporting monumental moustache, he clearly jumped in with both ears!


You can see by his face, he found this as funny as we did!!


Well done Boss!!

Cancer Support Bradford & Airedale chosen charity for 2013-14

Collis Mediation is proud to announce their chosen charity to support in 2013 and 2014 is Cancer Support Bradford and Airedale.


Let the fundraising begin!


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Collis Mediation Ltd are awarded two contracts in the same month

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