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Often with commercial, civil or workplace relationships there can be non-complex, low value disputes where it may be unworkable or the mediation fee is disproportionate to the claim to meet face-to-face or the conflict simply does not warrant it. This is where our iMediation service can be most useful.


iMediation, a form of remote mediation, is a unique mediation process designed by Collis Mediation Ltd which has proved useful in situations where there exists a low value or non-complex issue, which does not warrant a comprehensive face-to-face mediation session.


iMediation is a service where a solution is formulated online and is for disputes where a face-to-face meeting may be impractical, perhaps where parties live/ work far apart, where the mediation fees would be disproportionate to the claim or it is not commercially viable to congregate in person.


Typically a low value dispute (less than £5000) can be dwarfed by legal costs. Likewise, a face-to-face mediation can be an impractical way to settle lower value claims.


iMediation offers a robust, convenient, practical and considerably cheaper option than court which appeals to today's online generation and business environment, to whom the internet is second nature.


The Process:


The iMediation date and time is agreed, this is usually set for a block time, for example 09:00 to 11:00, where both participants need to have access to a computer and with phone facilities free from distractions, at home or work for example.


We start with a separate introduction phone call to each participant in the iMediation, to set the scene and talk through how the iMediation process will work; and answer any questions they may have on the proceedings.


We then speak to each participant in private obtaining a clear picture and opening statements.


The mediator will shuttle between the participants building up respective points of view and finding common ground or areas of further clarification.


The mediator may play devils advocate and ask participants to reflect on weak areas of your position and the prospect of court, costs, time, stress and the risk of losing.


The aim of iMediation is exactly the same as standard mediation, to close with offers of settlement; and ultimately an agreement to settle or a basis on which to move forward.


iMediation is suitable for mediations that are deemed 'non complex' and should conclude within 1 to 2 hours. iMediation requires a real need for both parties to have an appetite for a mutual settlement and a realisation of the bigger issue at stake if the matter did not settle or went to court.


It is a cost effective solution to non-complex, low value matters that requires a real appetite for a solution based approach. Please review our iMediation fees here.


Statistic:- 60 million disputes are resolved online annually by eBay alone, with rarely a case getting to court.


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