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Below is a broad range of cases Collis Mediation Ltd has chaired. We conduct 300+ mediations per year for Government, Commercial, Civil and Legal clients.

Commercial Contractor v Commercial Landlord- Unpaid Invoices- Pre-Litigation stage

- Settled without further litigation- Value £69'000


Financial Planning Co v Private Investor- Outstanding fees v Duty of care issues- Court Claim Stayed by Judge for mediation

- Settled without further litigation (amount withheld)


Advertising Co v Lighting Manufacturer- Outstanding invoices- Court case stayed by Judge pending mediation

- Settled without further litigation (amount withheld)


Parent/ Carer v Local Authority- EHC Needs Assessment Dispute- Pre- First Tier Tribunal

-Settled with Local Authority agreement to undertake an EHC Needs Assessment


Private Individual v Independant Financial Advisor- Losses arising from alleged advice from IFA- Pre-Trial Stage

-Settled without further litigation (value withheld)


Telecoms Co v Blue Chip- New Terms v Contract Exit Cost- Mid-Contract stage

-Settlement agreed with contract extended and relationship preservation- Value £1'000'000+.


Contractor v Main Contractor- Unpaid Invoices v Inaccurate Payment Requests- Letter Before Action

- Settled without litigation, without 8% interest and completed contract within contract period- Value £143'971


Utility Co v Private Individual- Personal Injury Claim- Initial Notification stage

-Settled and Utility Co undertook to resolved certain health and safety issues with a long term plan. Relationship developed during mediation which mitigated compensation payout to a minimum.


National Hire Co v National Construction Co- Unpaid Invoices v Excessive Measure/ Invoicing- Pre-Trial stage.

-Settled and agreement to 'trade out of dispute' as part of the settlement. Working relationship now in progress- Value £135'000.


Restoration Co v National Construction Co- Unpaid Invoices v No Authorisation to Undertake Certain Work- Letter before Action stage.

 -Settled without litigation and parties formulated a new working relationship which is now in place- Value £65'000.


Debt Collection Agency v Civil Debtor- Non Payment v Invalid Agreement- Court Hearing Date Set stage

- Settled with negotiated reduced final settlement figure and Tomlin Order agreed and sealed by Court- Value £24'000.


Hospitality Co v Loss Adjustor v Main Contractor- Performance Issues v Betterment v Breach of Contract- Mid Contract stage.

 -Settled by all Parties Negotiating contract completion without instigating Arbitration or Liquidated Damages and resolved contractual issues- Value £553'000.


Employee v Employer- Bullying and Harassment Claim- Pre-Tribunal stage

- Settled to claimants satisfaction.


Housing Association v Main Contractor- Lack of Cost Control (Termination of Contract) v Dilapidated Housing Stock- Consultation Period

- Settled through negotiation, investigation and Housing Stock review. Led to new procurement strategy for housing stock and planned maintanence strategy. Continuation of contractual relationship- Value £12'000'000+ over 5yrs.


Subcontractor v Main Contractor- Substandard Workmanship v Unpaid Invoices- Pre-Trial stage.

 -Settled without litigation but without resuming working relationship- Value £72'000.


Client v Travel Insurance Co- Complaint re Service Provision- Pre FOS stage.

-Settled without FOS referal.


Subcontractor v Main Contractor- Non Payment v Breach of Contract- Letter Before Action stage

-Settled without litigation- Value £27'000.


Group of Employees v Employer- Change of Contractual Conditions v Restructure- Consultation Period

- Multiple settlements over Pay, Holiday Entitlement, Work Conditions, Redundancies and TUPE.


Tenant v Housing Association- Property Conditions v Rent Arrears- Eviction Notice sent

- Settled with agreement for planned repairs and arrangement for staged payment of arrears.


Contractor v Main Contractor- Non Payment v Service Provision Default- Day of Trial

-Settled 15 minutes prior to Hearing.


Beauty Salon v Advertising Co- Breach of Contract- Letter Before Action stage

- Settled by negotiating terms for contractual exit, with no continuation of business relationship.


Global Food Services Co v National Retail Co- Contractual Breach v Disputed Breach- Default Notice Issued stage

- Settled through negotiation and agreed new terms to avoid future issues with relationship continuation- Value £50’000.


National FM provider v Main Contractor – SLA Breach (Loss of Contract) v Disputed Breach- Default Notice Issued stage

- Settled with an extended contract term agreed- Value £500’000+.


Main Contractor v Subcontractor- Workmanship v Non Payment- LBA Stage

- Settled through extensive evidential provision, detailed contract analysis and a moving of both positions- Value £24'500


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