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Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about our organisation we want to hear about it and we will do our best to put it right.


Our Customer Complaints Procedure has the following goals:

  1. To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively;
  2. To ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent manner throughout;
  3. To increase customer satisfaction;
  4. To use complaints constructively in the planning and improvement of all services.
  • Who can complain?

Anyone who is:

Receiving a service from Collis Mediation Ltd


Has received a service from Collis Mediation Ltd

  • How to complain:

Collis Mediation Ltd would like to resolve any complaint as soon as possible. Many complaints can be resolved informally. In the first instance contact Collis Mediation Ltd and, if you feel able, speak to the mediator who is working with you; or ask to speak to another Mediator, who will try to resolve your concern.


If you make contact in person, or by phone, make a note of the name of the person you speak to. If a solution is offered at this point, make a note of this as well.


If you are not satisfied or do not wish an informal solution, you may pursue a formal complaint.


Write down your complaint and send it to:

Collis Mediation Ltd

Mediation Complaint

Collis Mediation Ltd

6 Marchcote Lane


BD16 1TA


Or send it via an email to please enter 'Complaint' on the subject line.

  • What Happens Next?

You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days.

You may be contacted to make sure that we have understood your complaint properly.

You may be asked to discuss the matter by the person investigating the complaint.

You will receive a response to your complaint within 28 working days of its receipt.

Any extension of this time limit requires your consent.

  • Does this always happen?

In all cases, a complaint will be given full and fair consideration. However, if as a result of your complaint, disciplinary proceedings are taken against a member of staff, an internal procedure will apply.


You will be informed that disciplinary proceedings have taken place, but as these proceedings are confidential, you will only be informed of the details or outcome of matters outside of this procedure.


If a criminal offence is alleged, then the police will be informed.

  • Can you have  someone with you when your complaint is discussed?

Yes, you can.

  • Can you take your complaint elsewhere?

If your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction you may take the complaint to the Civil Mediation Council


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