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SEN Consultancy Service

Support for Local Authority’s Children’s Services, Families, Young People and Children

Collis Mediation Limited has successfully served Local Authority (LA) Children’s Services for several years in the areas of mediation, disagreement resolution and SEND (SEN) consultancy/project work and have supported in 750+ cases. We are now LIVE in providing enhanced support services to LA colleagues.


Through our experienced and specialist SEND Team, we provide: -
Analysis, Assessments & ‘Stress Testing’: -

  • LA Preparation & Response to Appeals to First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability)
  • School and Colleges consultation process and responses
  • EHC plan Compliance (sections B, E, F and I) and Personal Budgets/ Direct Payments
  • 20 weeks Compliance  - meeting the challenge
  • Out of LA placements – reviews, costs and the ‘post-16’ EET local offer
  • The Published local offer, for children and young people who have special educational needs.
  • Children Missing in Education.
  • Elective Home Education, Home Tuition Service and Outreach Services
  • Resolutions to Complaints:
    • Informal Resolution through Disagreement Resolution Services - problems can be dealt with quickly to avoid escalation
    • Stage 1 within 20 working days investigation.
    • Stage 2 independent investigation to assess sufficient grounds for a formal investigation. 
    • Formal investigations within 65 working days.
  • Maintaining and Reviewing Local Level and EHC Plans (annual and interim)
  • Reviewing and Stress Testing LA systems, processes and protocols

LA Advice & Support: -

  • Statutory EHC plans 
  • Resourced My Support Plans (non-statutory)
  • Additional Support Plans (non-statutory) (element 2 resourcing)
  • Graduated Approach – assess, plan, do, review cycle 
  • SENCo mentoring (existing or new in post)
  • An advice & support Forum (secure messaging and email) for none complex enquiries and advice

           Approachable and non-judgemental.             Great service

DK (Head Teacher)

Our service achieves the following outcomes: -


  • Demonstrate due diligence and a consistent approach
  • Collation of relevant and purposeful evidence to support informed decision making
  • Develop efficient, legally compliant systems, processes and protocol
  • Reduce escalation of complaints through early intervention and LA mitigating actions
  • Demonstrate the 'person centered approach' of the SEN offering from the LA, Local Offer, services and schools
  • Ensure services are cohesive, efficient, value for money and accessible
  • Protect and mitigate the risk of the LA position at the earliest stage

This service is a pro-active, early intervention approach by the LA or school to mitigate the risk in complex situations. Every case will result in a review, a full report and recommendations to mitigate risk, avoid escalation and strengthen positions.
We offer unrivalled expertise as we work with the LAs and schools, with their best interest as the focal point of our service.

We offer a flexible and bespoke approach to our clients’ needs in respect of service and fees. If you would like to discuss our service offering or have any queries please contact us by email here.


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